WURD Radio to host series of monthly conversation on environment and racial justice

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Broadcasting from Philadelphia, WURD Radio has a unique connection to the city's Black and Brown communities since it's the only African-American owned-and-operated radio station in the state.


WURD Radio's ecoWURD initiative will host a series of monthly on-air/online/video conversations exploring the intersection of environmental justice, Covid-19 and the impact on Black and Brown communities. Starting this Friday, June 5, it runs through to Oct. 11, when it will culminate (as the pandemic allows) with a live, interactive event at Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia.


June 5: The Reopening

On Friday, June 5, join WURD Radio and ecoWURD from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for a special broadcast hosted by Tiffany Bacon. The series of conversations will explore environmental justice, sustainability, fresh water and clean air as Philadelphia begins to open up, moving into the "yellow zone" of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • 10-11 a.m. - Local Panel Discussion featuring:

    • Jeannine Kayembe-Oro, ecoWURD
    • Maurice Sampson, Clean Water Action
    • Jena Harris, Chef, Food Liberator and First Responder, Food Everyone Deserves
  • 11 a.m.-noon - National Panel Discussion

    • Majora Carter, founder, Sustainable South Bronx, urban revitalization strategist, Peabody & MacArthur Fellow
    • Rue Mapp, co-founder, Outdoor Afro


July (Date TBD) Health and Wellness

Join ecoWURD as we create an interactive, multimedia experience exploring the connection between physical and mental well-being and our physical environment. Done in partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia as part of our "Summer of Freedom" program, we will feature authors and experts on environmental justice.


August (Date TBD) Proposed theme: Jobs

As a lead-up to WURD's Founder's Day celebration (August 20), we will host a conversation on job opportunities in the green economy. So many have been hard hit by the economic contraction related to Covid-19. This special broadcast will discuss the future of work, featuring companies that are recruiting or training for "green-collar jobs" as well as highlighting small, diverse businesses that are serving the needs of the community.


September (Date TBD) Proposed theme: Back To School Broadcast: Class In Session?

As public schools grapple with whether and when to reopen, we will feature a panel discussion on the state of our schools exploring the issues related to Philadelphia's aging school infrastructure, water quality, lead paint and overall toxic conditions as revealed in the Philadelphia Inquirer investigative report, Toxic City: Sick Schools.


October 11 ecoWURD Environmental Justice Summit held in partnership with Bartram's Garden

This 5-month program (June - October) will culminate on Indigenous People's Day with the ecoWURD Environmental Justice Summit. We will feature voices of First Nations people who identify as both Black and Indigenous to speak to the sacredness of the Earth and the environment. This event will also bring together some of the key contributors from earlier ecoWURD events to speak at this live, interactive event at Bartram's Garden.


Keep up to date: www.wurdradio.com


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