Water Quality and Quantity

How did the flow from the Delaware River reservoirs become “flexible”?

If you want to really understand the Delaware River, you've got to get your arms around the Flexible Flow Management...
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More variables than constants in NYC shutdown of Delaware Aqueduct

If you've attended any of the sessions where the New York City Department of Environmental Protection explained its plans for...
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How did the ‘Amazonification’ of New Jersey happen?
Shifts in global trade have had a bigger influence in the growth of warehouses than the pandemic, experts said.

The pandemic has not had the outsized influence on the explosive growth of warehouses in New Jersey as conventional wisdom...
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DRBC supports NYCDEP analysis of Delaware Aqueduct shutdown

More than 50 people took advantage of a virtual meeting held by the Delaware River Basin Commission to learn more...
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Proposed Poconos warehouses would harm quality of life and waters, opponents warn

Three warehouses proposed in the Poconos would endanger sensitive wetlands and waterways, pollute the air and undermine the region’s quality...
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Lehigh River named among top 10 most endangered rivers in the country
A proliferation of warehouses threatens the Lehigh, the Delaware River’s second-largest tributary, an advocacy group said.

A proliferation of warehouses and distribution centers, which bring more paved surfaces and dirtier, faster runoff, threatens the Lehigh River...
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NYCDEP looks to assuage fears about the Delaware Aqueduct shutdown

The date for the Delaware Aqueduct shutdown still stands at Oct. 1 but if meteorological conditions aren't right, there's a...
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Philadelphia assures residents drinking water is safe after a chemical leak          
Tests have showed no signs of contamination, officials said, but skeptical Philadelphians made mad dashes for bottled water.

Philadelphia officials on Monday sought to reassure skeptical residents that the city’s drinking water was safe for consumption days after...
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Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership gains $260,000 stormwater grant 
The project will help reduce runoff volume and prevent floods at a Leech’s Run tributary

Leech’s Run, a tributary of Tookany Creek, flows past the eastern edge of Congregation Adath Jeshurun in Elkins Park, in...
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‘We’re not going to beat Mother Nature’: Tackling climate change in the Delaware River basin
Environmental officials say urgency and innovative thinking are needed

The effects of climate change are already readily apparent in the Delaware Estuary and the window to respond is rapidly...
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