Experimental device to take aim at plastics in the Delaware
Smart Trash Boom, which is specially designed to work in the heavily trafficked river, is expected to be tested in 2023

A new weapon is set to be tested next year in the battle against plastics pollution that can accommodate the...
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Delaware River is largest source of plastics pollution in North America, report says
The study is one of several efforts to call attention to the issue

Amid continuing efforts to curb plastics in the Delaware River, a study finds that the river, among all the waterways...
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Microplastics prevalent in samples from the Delaware River
Fibers made up the majority of the tiny plastics collected, study finds

Microplastics, tiny plastic fragments about as big as a sesame seed that can be harmful to aquatic life, were found...
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New tool comes to the Delaware watershed to analyze plastics pollution
A pilot program introduces a device called Seabin

In the fight against plastics in waterways comes a garbage collector that takes no lunch or coffee breaks – no...
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