‘The Big Think’ with Andrew Johnson
A series of conversations with people who have worked in and for the watershed, sharing their expertise and knowledge

A man in blue winter jacket standing in front of a fir tree.

Andrew Johnson was an environmental grant-maker at the William Penn Foundation from 2001-21 and oversaw its Watershed Protection Program for nearly a decade. What observations do you have today about building and institutionalizing an effective, ongoing movement to protect and restore the Delaware River watershed? At the risk of opening with a truism, it is…

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$500,000 grant to help the Neversink River
A National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant will be used to develop a watershed management plan

The Neversink River in Port Jervis

The Sullivan County (N.Y.) Planning Division has received a $500,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to develop a Neversink River watershed management plan. The first steps in that process were presented to the public via a Zoom meeting on Wednesday night with the title “What is a watershed management plan and why…

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A January plunge into the Delaware for a good cause
Dozens came out for the Port Polar Plunge to support the Port Jervis Fire Department and, from the sound of all the laughter, had a good time doing it.

Kids take the plunge into the Delaware River.

Why? Sure, taking a dip in the almost-freezing Delaware River to raise money for the Special Ops Team of the Port Jervis Fire Department is a great idea! But, when asked, most of these brave souls said something about “crazy”! H’mmm that has the ring of truth! It was 31 degrees, with a significant wind…

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Delaware Currents in 2022: A year in review (ICYMI)

Snowy Delaware River from Port Jervis, N.Y.

Editor’s note: This is a free newsletter that was sent to subscribers. To sign up for the newsletters, email us. Social media is a strange place overrun with shorthands, like TIL (Today I Learned), FWIW (For What It’s Worth) and YSRDC (You Should Read Delaware Currents). OK, that last one I made up. But there is…

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DRBC adopts new rules to prohibit fracking wastewater discharges
The commission tightened rules for Delaware River water to be exported for fracking and the importation of fracked wastewater.

DRBC meeting on Zoom

Ever since the DRBC banned fracking in the watershed in February 2021, the issue that has environmental activists alarmed is what are known as fracking-related activities: importing fracked wastewater into the basin, and exporting Delaware River water to be used for fracking. Once the ban on fracking was approved, the DRBC turned its attention to…

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DRBC set to vote on fracked wastewater ban
The commission on Wednesday will consider a rule to ban the import or discharge of fracking wastewater in the basin

A sign for the Delaware River Basin Commission outside of its brick building headquarters.

As is often the way with the really interesting proposals that the Delaware River Basin Commission votes on, it’s hard to see the interesting piece with all the required bureaucratese that frames the action. So, here it is: “A Resolution to amend the Comprehensive Plan, Water Code and Special Regulations regarding importations of water into…

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EPA sides with environmental groups
It demands that the DRBC speed up the process to improve the water quality of the Delaware River.

Delaware River at Penn's Landing

The Environmental Protection Agency has handed a surprise victory to environmental groups that were arguing for faster action to raise water quality standards in the urban sector of the Delaware River. The agency on Thursday agreed with the environmentalists that the Delaware River Basin Commission is acting too slowly to raise those standards, effectively handing…

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The ‘Big Think’ with Dave Wolanski
A series of conversations with people who have worked in and for the watershed, sharing their expertise and knowledge.

Dave Wolanski

David Wolanski worked for the State of Delaware on surface water quality issues and reporting for 24 years. How’s the water quality in the watershed/Delaware River now as compared to 50 years ago? How does it look in the future? In the 1970s, my parents would take our family from Dover, Del., to New England to…

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