Meg McGuire

How did the flow from the Delaware River reservoirs become “flexible”?

If you want to really understand the Delaware River, you've got to get your arms around the Flexible Flow Management...
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More variables than constants in NYC shutdown of Delaware Aqueduct

If you've attended any of the sessions where the New York City Department of Environmental Protection explained its plans for...
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DRBC supports NYCDEP analysis of Delaware Aqueduct shutdown

More than 50 people took advantage of a virtual meeting held by the Delaware River Basin Commission to learn more...
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NYCDEP looks to assuage fears about the Delaware Aqueduct shutdown

The date for the Delaware Aqueduct shutdown still stands at Oct. 1 but if meteorological conditions aren't right, there's a...
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Full steam ahead for the Delaware Aqueduct shutdown
The public is invited to three New York City DEP presentations on its repair plans for the fall.

The temporary shutdown of the Delaware Aqueduct that was postponed last year is scheduled to happen on Oct. 1, and...
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Population served by the Delaware River Basin jumps by 600,000
New census figures reveal that 14.2 million people are served by the basin

The Delaware River Basin serves a population of 14.2 million people, up from 13.6 million based on population figures from...
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For the first time in a dozen years, the feds will pay their fair share of DRBC funding
The federal government has allocated $715,000 to the commission but only for this year.

There's good news about funding for the Delaware River Basin Commission. The shortfall between what the states and the federal...
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‘The Big Think’ with Andrew Johnson
A series of conversations with people who have worked in and for the watershed, sharing their expertise and knowledge

Andrew Johnson was an environmental grant-maker at the William Penn Foundation from 2001-21 and oversaw its Watershed Protection Program for...
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$500,000 grant to help the Neversink River
A National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant will be used to develop a watershed management plan

The Sullivan County (N.Y.) Planning Division has received a $500,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to develop...
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