Reporter’s notebook: What goes on at a DRBC meeting

Reporter's notebook at DRBC meeting

“So, what is the DRBC all about?” Delaware Gov. John Carney asked in his welcoming address to this, the first in-person meeting of the Delaware River Basin Commission in more than two years, which happened at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Del., on June 8.  He was recalling his first contact with the DRBC back…

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Teamwork saves a stream in the Upper Delaware – and more

Organizations that banded together to bring $300K to the Upper Delaware.

There were several “stars” of the show on the banks of the Little Beaver Kill in Livingston Manor, N.Y., on June 17. One is the stream itself, famous for its trout fishing. The other is the teamwork that brought $300,000 into Upper Delaware for use as matching funds to benefit fish, of course, but importantly…

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Ta-DA! First big step in getting the Delaware River cleaner

Walt Whitman Bridge DC

Where are the fireworks? Marching bands? The scientific and engineering work that could well give us a significantly cleaner Delaware River — from Trenton, N.J., on south — has been completed. Those scientists and engineers have been building a model that could capture all the important processes in the estuary (that bit below Trenton) and…

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Upper Delaware gets $300K funding from New York State

NYS funding gathered by the Delaware River Dc

The Upper Delaware River got a $300,000 shot in the arm late last week from New York Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature. The money is a line item in the New York State Environmental Protection Fund, and it gives the money “for the Friends of the Upper Delaware River to implement…

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How to share a slice of heaven

The Upper Delaware -- what's not to love?

Who wouldn’t want some part of this peace and beauty all to themselves? Such things are possible in the Upper Delaware by kayaking or tubing or camping or wading in the river or in either of its two branches, which snake vaguely southwest out of the New York City reservoirs toward Hancock, N.Y. Some find…

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