Wild celery grass restoration underway in the Delaware Estuary
The plant is both an indicator of water quality and an improver of it

Wild celery grass

In a small classroom at the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, N.J., the early stages of a massive science project are underway. In eight clear plastic totes equipped with bubblers and lights, rows of wild celery grass, Vallisneria americana, wave bright and green.  This plant is among the most important species…

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Urban BoatWorks brings Camden youth to the river
Students learn basic carpentry, life skills and mentorship — and connect to waterways in their own backyard

On a recent Monday afternoon in Camden, N.J., a group of seventh-graders gathered around a 16-foot boat placed upside down across a shop table. Decked out in white smocks, safety glasses and bright orange ear protectors,​ they were poised to get back to work on the “peace canoe” they’d been building since the beginning of…

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