Chris Mele

River Pointe Logistics project draws criticism from planners and public

The proposed River Pointe Logistics project near the Delaware River, with its immense building footprints and projected traffic, drew rebukes...
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It’s not too late to remedy warehouse impacts in New Jersey, experts say

Ask Ben Spinelli, the executive director of the Highlands Council, a New Jersey regional planning group, whether there are still...
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New Tocks Island book chronicles local grassroots opposition

The way David Pierce looks at it, the failed effort to dam a part of the Delaware River more than...
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New Jersey warehouse opponents create a new coalition

To take a drive along the narrow two-lane roads of Franklin Township in Warren County, N.J., is to take a...
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How did the ‘Amazonification’ of New Jersey happen?
Shifts in global trade have had a bigger influence in the growth of warehouses than the pandemic, experts said.

The pandemic has not had the outsized influence on the explosive growth of warehouses in New Jersey as conventional wisdom...
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Old ways of thinking about Delaware River Basin flooding no longer apply

The last record-setting floods in the Delaware River Basin are inadequate baselines to prepare for the extreme weather to come...
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Gibbstown LNG project hit with yet another setback

A federal agency on Monday denied a critical permit at the heart of a controversial proposal to bring liquified natural...
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Special report: New Jersey warehouses bloom in the Delaware River watershed
88 million square feet of warehouses are coming to just 14 counties in New Jersey. Where does your county rank?

It’s well known that New Jersey is rife with warehouse and distribution centers, which have sprouted like weeds throughout the...
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Proposed Poconos warehouses would harm quality of life and waters, opponents warn

Three warehouses proposed in the Poconos would endanger sensitive wetlands and waterways, pollute the air and undermine the region’s quality...
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