The Six Weeks of NewsMatch:
Week No. 3

On the third Monday of every month, I'm on the radio!

It's a small public radio station -- WJFF -- much like Delaware Currents is: small but important.

The community for WJFF is mostly the residents where it broadcasts: two of our four watershed states, way up in the upper watershed, in Sullivan and Delaware counties in New York, and in Pike and Wayne counties in Pennsylvania.

My community is larger but more spread out -- not only is it all the watershed, but the folks who use Delaware River water in New York City.

My focus is much tighter: Are we taking care of our river and the countless streams that flow into it?

This is the water source for millions of people. We are lucky that our water source is so much more reliable than many other places in our country and the world. Check this out:

But we can't become complacent. We need to pay attention to our water quantity -- will there be enough or too much? And there are endless questions about water quality. Who's putting what in our water? Who's making the water safe to drink? What about all the critters who depend on these waters?

WJFF and Delaware Currents carry no ads. We depend on you, individual donors. In my case I have an added opportunity in November and December to raise more money -- and more awareness -- through NewsMatch.


Like WJFF, I give time and attention to what my community is saying. Have a look here

Read about the thousands of people who are concerned about the PennEast Pipeline, most of them couldn't be at the Delaware River Basin Commission's meeting last Wednesday, so their representatives were. There's a long list of organizations who joined with the Delaware Riverkeeper Network to speak their minds.

I respect that. I'm not publishing their words because someone paid me to do so, nor am I saying that I agree with any person, organization or business that I cover.

But all voices should be heard.

You can listen to WJFF, and me, on Dec. 16, on a show called Making Waves. It broadcasts at 7 p.m. at 90.5 FM if you're local, or tune in via electronic device of your choice at

Oh, and it would be great if you'd make a donation!!!

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Meg McGuire has been a journalist for 30 years in New York and Connecticut. She started in weekly newspapers and moved to full-time work in dailies 25 years ago. She knows about the tectonic changes in journalism firsthand, having been part of what was euphemistically called a "reduction in force" six years ago. Now she's working to find new ways to "do" the news as an independent online publisher of news about the Delaware River, its watershed and its people.

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