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Delaware River drought watch is over


The drought watch is over — at least for the Delaware River — the Delaware River Basin Commission announced today, January 18. The river was placed on drought watch on Nov. 23, 2016.

“Due to recent precipitation and snow melt, combined storage in three large upper basin reservoirs has achieved and sustained a sufficient level for five consecutive days to result in automatic termination of the basinwide drought watch,” said DRBC Executive Director Steve Tambini in a press release.

Since dry conditions persist around the watershed, Tambini urged all water users to continue to use water carefully, especially in areas where a state-declared drought is in effect. (Individual states ...


You can see this structure rising off I-84. This is the Wawayanda end stop of a new spur off the Millenium Pipeline project called the CPV Valley Energy Center. The Millenium Pipeline is one of many projects to keep an eye on in 2017. This is what Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) website says: "(It) is a natural gas combined-cycle electric power generator, capable of generating upwards of 650 MW. The facility will be built using the most advanced and environmentally-conscious power generation technology available today, making it one of New York’s cleanest natural gas energy facilities." Photo by MEG McGUIRE

Important issues facing the

Delaware River basin in 2017


Scranton hearing on a lawsuit over DRBC's stance on fracking on Jan. 24

Several years ago, the Delaware River Basin Commission postponed adopting regulations regarding gas drilling (fracking) in the basin.

"The special meeting scheduled for Nov. 21, 2011 to consider adoption of the revised draft natural gas development regulations was postponed to allow additional time for review by the five DRBC members." That's what it says on the DRBC website.

Until those regulations are forthcoming, there's no fracking in the basin ...


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